My husband & I live in beautiful East Texas, out in the country within view of a small,
peaceful private lake full of bass, which my husband loves & fishes almost every evening.
We are both retired, & my husband is a disabled Marine VietNam Vet with two Purple
Hearts.  These little guys & gals are definitely our in-home therapy babies along with
being our best friends.  We owe them so much of our love & devotion.

All our puppies are born in our home with constant supervision & attention during
whelping.  We take each Mom to be x-rayed prior to delivery so as to insure we know the
exact number of babies being born, & that all looks well.  Puppies are ready to go to their
new homes at 8-12 weeks, depending on size & weight.  We will not ship a puppy until it
weighs at least 2 lbs.  Dew claws are removed at 3-5 days of age.

The Mi-Ki appears in several different color combinations:  black & white, red & white,
gold & white, brown & white, solid white, solid black...any color combinations are

The Mi-Ki can have two coat types, one a long, cottony coat, & the other, a long,
silky/straight coat.  The Mi-Ki has hair, not fur, with no undercoat, making it
hypoallergenic & non-shedding.  Quick brushes weekly are sufficient as they are very
clean animals & easy to care for.

Thank you for taking the time to view our site, & we hope you might find that special &
unique little Mi-Ki baby among our wonderful puppies to call your own & to become a
loving & loyal member of your family.  We believe you will find it very difficult, as we did,
to own just one.  Once you are blessed to have one, they become very habit forming.